International Curl Care


World Wide Curls is a lifestyle and wellness brand, that provides both tools and information for individuals to maintain and protect their curls wherever they are in the world, especially if they are traveling to a different part of the world.

World Wide Curls is directed towards educating those with curls – not specific to color, race or gender – about ways to maintain healthy hair during their travel experiences through knowledge, understanding and resourcefulness.

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Tamara Belinda


Tamara Belinda is the founder of World Wide Curls. A designer, free thinker, healer and open spirit, Tamara is creating a new perspective to see and experience the world. 

During a year-long excursion, she was presented with a unique problem, “How can I keep my hair healthy without access to my usual products?!” What started off as a variety of experiments to keep her hair healthy while traveling, became an experimental experience to that needed to be shared with other travelers.

With textured hair, a lot of research, experience and experimentation, Tamara created this platform to share with and help others to maintain their curls throughout their journey through the world. 

By sharing this perspective, it is her belief that others can learn to be more aware of themselves in this world, simply by being able to take care of their hair.

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Dr. Tarba Dorottya Rebeka


Dorottya is a Hungarian trainee lawyer who is spending her free time with traveling. She is an ambitious but spontaneous girl who always seeks and finds the positiveness in every situation.

During her university years she got the Erasmus scholarship and studied in France for a 6 month period. That’s where her journey started. Besides her academic program she started travelling and realized that curly hair has different needs in different places because of the variety of circumstances. She faced the fact that it is hard to keep her usual hair routine and to have the products with her when she is on the way.  

She wants to share her stories and experiences alongside with struggles and positiveness of having curly hair to help other people with curls. Her aim is to help to care about your hair especially during traveling by telling what helped her to maintain her curls."


Amber Ellis

Amber started her entrepreneurship journey in high school. As a junior, she enrolled in West Charlotte High's Cosmetology Program, completing the majority of her required certification hours. After being accepted and enrolled into Howard University's School of Business, she quickly realized she had a passion for being engaged in the business development process. At the age of 19, she decided to embark on her entrepreneurship journey. She returned to her home town and completed the remaining of her cosmetology hours while simultaneously developing a business plan. Her first business, Juvi Hair Spa: Rejuvenation of Hair and Spirit was launched summer of 2007. She merged her passion for strategy and business structure with what she realized to be a growing deficiency in excellence within the cosmetology industry. Juvi Hair Spa’s foundational core is based on three guiding principals: Education, Time Efficiency, and Skill Mastery. These core elements are cultivated and nourished through Juvi Hair Spa's intense training program that each team member must successfully graduate to move to the salon floor. This program goes through skill, speed, business, and personal development, allowing for stylist to grow clientele in a structured environment while continually developing and fine tuning skill.  As a result, the Juvi community grew quickly and has successfully serviced the Charlotte community for 11 years and counting. 

Juvi has participated in numerous hair shows, competitions, community service projects, and most importantly, serviced some of the most amazing men and women that Charlotte has to offer. During this time, Amber has also taught for national hair care product lines and consistently speaks to the cosmetology and entrepreneurship communities. She enjoys speaking to the art of discovering your authentic self and courageously molding your life to support it!  While staying true to her passion, Amber continues to look forward to motivating and consulting budding entrepreneurs, that they may find their unique lane of success while honoring what makes them special!